Beijing – where you will meet the difference

And it is true. Wherever you come from, Beijing will be different. Even though you come from another big city in China, we did not experience any other to be like Beijing. 

First of all – don’t be afraid. Beijing travel is simple. There are people that do speak a bit of English and they are willing to help; and although you have most signs in Chinese, there are quite some also in English. 

It is safe to travel to Beijing as a woman alone. Keep in mind that – wherever you go, it will be crowded. And it might also feel a little strange if Chinese people stop you because they want to take a picture with you. That is absolutely normal there so even though you might feel it to be strange, don’t be afraid. 

Sights are crowded and for some, tickets have to be purchased online some days in advance to make sure you can get in, so make sure you plan your trip accurately. 

For the foodies: we recommend not even to try one single restaurant but go to Chinese places and just go for what looks nice – they have pictures on the wall. We cannot tell that we have tried anything that was not delicious, even though sometimes it was strange. Like having the fish head and the whole fish within the soup. 

Also, we recommend a visit to the food market where you can try scorpions and other strange animals fried on sticks.

Any more tips? Let us know! 

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