COVID19 – the solution?

Yes, usually there should be an interview. But due to the world situation, we decided to handle the topics a bit differently this year, with more focus on uniting us, creating ideas, and move forward, and towards something in a world, that might look a bit dark. But it isn’t. Let’t inject some happiness! Together!!

If you are like us, you are missing travels, and it’s getting worse and worse every day. But just like our longing grows, restrictions grow as well. 

Some countries have closed their borders completely, quite a lot require to do a quarantine or PRC test to enter (even though the latest news claims that a positive PCR does not tell us anything about an infection), and a few remain without restrictions. 

What is a little strange is, that not even one mentions anything about entry with a positive antibody test, which would be the one and only “security” that at least for the next weeks, nothing will happen around you. Just as no country mentions the vaccine for an entry option. 

What do you think, how will the world look like concerning travels in the future? Do you think there will be a mandatory vaccine? Do you think that PCR tests and quarantines remain, do you think that they will acknowledge the antibody test in the future? 

Let us know. Share with us. Also, if you have one, share with us your ideal future scenario. We would love to hear, maybe also to do a post about just this in the future! We should never underestimate what we can do if we unite! 

Free your travels, be a Travelita! #travelita #iamatravelita

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