Travel in Covid19 – part 2

As we talked about the traveling in these strange times earlier this year, we want to come back again, after the “official” announcement of the second wave. Which – curiously – did not happen to all countries. So let’s take a quick look at different areas and how they dealt with it. As you know, Sweden took a completely different approach to the situation, so let’s compare them to the rest of Europe.

Sweden: the Covid19 situation seems to be past them already. There are almost no masks around anymore, and if you see them, it is rare. Public life just went back to normal and the only reminder of the pandemic is the hand gels you see at toilets and in some public places. 

So arriving in Sweden, actually one feels like nothing has ever happened. This turns into the exact opposite once you leave for Denmark, where masks are mandatory and hand gel dispensers are around basically every 10 meters of distance. But still, the handling of the situation seems to be quite relaxed. 

Arriving in Germany, every changes. Again. One is not allowed to drink the coffee at the Airport Starbucks tables anymore, you need to take it to your gate. Checking the numbers, Germany seems to control them quite a bit, but it comes quite close to a second lockdown. Airport areas are deserted like in a zombie apocalypse. 

So what did we experience on our trip? Huge differences. From complete freedom in Sweden to complete control in Germany. We do not want to judge right or wrong. Only, we want to experiment on the thought if it is really worth to shut down life completely, restrict everything, including freedom and a middle way of tasting the beauty of life still, despite everything that is happening. 

Tell us your thoughts and experiences on the Covid19 traveling. If you did some. 

Free your travels, be a Travelita. #travelita #iamatravelita

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