Traveling meanwhile Covid19

We did it. Yes, we went to travel in the Covid19 environment. And it was less strange than expected.

Please be aware that this is a report. We do not share our thoughts on right or wrong on how to deal with the Covid19, we just want to let you know what we experienced.

Let’s be clear: we did not plan on traveling this summer. We thought – let’s stay home, let’s do the stuff that we need to do to be free once this thing is gone. But then… we found that our home lakes are too crowded to pass the summer there and spontaneously went for a short trip.

The borders: we expected jams. We heard about jams, we heard about people waiting, we heard about tests. The reality: 20 min, going back and forth in total, no tests. Quite a smooth ride.

The facilities: the hotel was super clean, the staff cleaned and disinfected the tables and rooms various times a day. We did not stay in any hostels at this time, so we cannot tell about them. Tables, beds, everything was placed with lots of space due to the Covid rules and we felt super safe.

The food: that was strange indeed. Being at a breakfast buffet having someone putting the cheese on your plate and serving you 4 times more you would have grabbed is definitely strange. But it was ok, one gets used to it.

The shopping: well, we did not too much shopping, but the little we did – that was the only thing that felt a little uncomfortable, too many people to close, too bullying. So that did not change as it seems. But well…

Public places: a nightmare, if you want to stick to the rules. Completely crowded with people not paying attention to social distancing or anything.

So – as a summary, we can only tell that traveling meanwhile Covid19 was a bit strange but still fine. It is easier to stick to the rules than at home. So stay safe, if you want to travel, but stick to the rules. 

Free your travels, be a Travelita. #travelita #iamatravelita


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