Interview Marinela Yule

1. Okay, Miss Marinella, what was the specific incident that got you to this interview?

Someone from your organization posted in a Facebook group I was apart of looking for travel adventure stories and I wanted to share my own!

2. What has earned you the right to be an authority on this topic?

Well, “earned the right” is strong phrasing, but: I have traveled to over 40 countries before the age of 30. I have been to 48 out of 50 states in the US and to 6 provinces and 1 territory of Canada. I speak 3 languages and have lived in multiple places that are not my home town such as Prague, Buenos Aires, and Montreal.

3. What is your brand, your topic exactly about?

My brand is a very loaded question! As a marketing professional, I help entrepreneurs with their marketing in outside the box ways- looking for new paths to explore. As a travel blogger, it is pretty much the same. I write content that gives an inside look or gives different perspectives to a location or travel idea.

4. Why is it important?

Being outside the box and being unique is important because the world is too similar nowadays. Many people want to fit in and follow trends. There is a famous quote that says something that if everyone is the same, it makes a boring world.

5. Now that I know what it is, now that I know why it’s important and relevant, how are you implementing this on your travels? I mean like, is there a process, that you follow when travelling?

I always try to do unexpected things. Such as bicycling across the United States through 3 months over 4k miles. I don’t have a particular process when traveling. I just go with my gut and see what opportunities lies in the potential next place (what friends to see, what things to see, etc.)

6. What if people took advantage of your tips and steps you are providing? What will happen, how will their travels change?

My biggest tip is to JUST GO. Basically, just weighs the pros and cons. Usually, the worse case for traveling is that you return home. What will happen is that you will travel. There will be scary moments for sure, but if we always stay in our safe zone, we would never do anything.

7. Now we would like to get just some general information about you and your travels:

(if not answered before) – When did you start traveling?

I was born into a traveling family. I believe my very first traveling trip was I was 3. My first time traveling alone was at 18.

– Do you remember how you felt when you traveled alone for the first time?

I felt scared yes, but super excited!

– How did you, or do you deal with fears?

I just know that what I will learn from traveling, from the people I will meet, is worth more than being scared. Those moments missed will be more regrettable than the feeling of fear.

– Is there a place where you have been and you would definitely not recommend it for women on their own and why?

As of now, I don’t have a place to NOT recommend to women traveling alone. I would say more Muslim countries such as Malaysia to be aware of cultural norms with clothing (wear sleeves and pants, etc). But, basically in any place, go with your gut and common sense. Don’t go down dark alleys, etc.

– Do you still have this excitement, when you go for a trip?

ALL THE TIME! Even if it just is a day trip or weekend adventure.

– what are your top 5 destinations and why?

Valparaiso, Chile: This small town on the coast of Chile has amazing street art!

Belgrade, Serbia: This capital is amazing! There are so many different things to do and see.

Montreal, Canada: The summer is amazing since there are so many festivals to partake in and outdoor seating for restaurants and bars.

Naples, Italy: The ruins like Pompeii and Paestum will transport you back in time.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: This capital is a mix between Paris and New York. You have the beauty of Europe, but the liveliness of the Americas.

– Funniest story that happened to you when traveling?

Hm….a funny story….Not one comes to mind, but an INTERESTING story is:

I once met a local in Macedonia. He was nice and showed me around. At the end, he basically implied that I was fat and out of shape. Which was wrong because I ran a lot and I watch what I eat. At the time, I didn’t find it funny, but quite rude. However, looking back on it, I find it funny in the sense of, just another travel story!

8. Call to action – what do you want people to do?

Travel! And connect with me on social media 🙂 Let’s explore together!

I am the founder of travel blog. Currently, I speak English, Spanish, and French. In addition to traveling, I do pole dancing as well, an outside the box thing to do for sure! I am now a marketing consultant at helping other entrepreneurs promote their brand voice. Connect with me via Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Free your travels, be a Travelita! #travelita #iamatravelita


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