Lisbon – Jesus statue, cable car, arts, wine, and the Tejo river

Almost at the sea, but still, only at the river Tejo, this is where Portugal’s capital is located. And it is an amazing city to spend some time with.

Besides delicious food and wine, it is full of arts, of artistic people and of tradition. One can discover beauty wherever one is looking at. Talk a walk along the Tejo river, look at the old-style houses, and find some spray arts on some of their backsides.

Continue the walk, and look onto the other side, find the huge Jesus statue watching over Lisbon. Or walk up the hill, take a ride in the old cable cars and enjoy the view over the city and the river.

At night, do not miss out on the small restaurants that serve you delicious wine and amazing seafood.

If you want to go on an excursion to the sea, it is only one 40 min train ride away, this is where you find beaches, water sports, and real holiday life.

Tip: on a sunny day, you might want to go to the Tejo river and just sit there and take a break, this is where you can meet a lot of locals, as this is what they like to do.

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