How to bring your food onto an airplane

Over the last years, airline faires have dropped drastically their prices. In Europe, with selected airlines, you can fly from one country to another on a 10 Euros budget. It has literally never been so cheap to travel. This is very fortunate, and obviously, that these cheap airlines do not offer you the same services as the high ticket comptetitor. Or they do, but everything you want in addition to your flight, you have to pay seperatly.

So how do you avoid this unneccesary paiments?

First of all, dress warm enough. We have experienced overnight flights, where you would have to purchase the rental of your blanket, which is not of use if you are not cold in the first place. And bring your flight pillow —->> Link)

Second, bring an empty bottle. You are not allowed to bring liquids, but you in fact are allowed to bring an empty liquid bottle through customs. Usually, after the luggage control, you will find some water spenders or drinkable water and you can fill them up in order to not run out of liquids on your flight. This might not be a problem on a short distance, but on a long distance flight, you want to stay hydrated. —>>> Link water bottle

Third: bring healthy food. Especially when seated the whole day on an airplane, try not to eat any fatty or heavy food such as cheese or chocolates. Try to go healthy and light and take a salad instead. You might now think, that this is not managable, as you cannot get the dressing onto the plane, but fortunately, you can. There is a way to walk around the liquids restrictions. What you do: you pack your washed salad seperatly in a bag to transport. Then you mix the dressing in a seperate box. Make sure it is a big one. You might say – there is only an allowence of 100 ml and that is right. But we are not done yet. Add everything that is ok to be with the liquid dressing beforehand. Thad can be ham, cheese, nuts, fruits… Really fill the box up with all the goodies that you wish to have on the salad. And then take it with you. Make sure the box is full with NOT liquid stuff, so the liquid just makes a small part of the box. This way, we never had troubles getting our salad through the control area.

Some prepared food we find very easy to take and containing only natural and travel friendly, low carb contents: —–>>>> kick bar…

Save travels!

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