What to do if I want to travel alone and people at home are scared?

This is a question, that has reached us several times and we thought about it for you. We get it. As social beings, we as humans have and do feel responsible for the feelings of others, and in fact, as being part of the social group, we do have them.

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. And of course, there are simple solutions like – get in touch a lot, write them emails, chat. But we have something else for you, what we think is a very advanced and probably the best solution for everybody.

First of all, make sure YOU know what you want. Saying this, we mean you yourself have to make sure you are aware of how your communication should look like. To us, it does not make sense to commit to calling every day if you don’t feel like doing so. Next step: research the destination. Do a good job on this.

Then, pick a time and a place and come together with your beloved and worrying ones and explain them step by step what you are about to do. Make them understand which communication you agree on and that they should not expect more. Also, make them understand that you go there well prepared, so they do not have to worry because you obviously know what you are doing. Then let them take their time and answer their questions. Maybe make a compromise, but do not agree to things that would impact your experience.

Then stick to your plans. Traveling in some cases is a growing experience, not only for the person traveling but also for the ones remaining at home.

Free your travels, be a Travelita! #travelita #iamatravelita

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