Hawaii – not cheap, but you will not regret spending your money

This is an (at least) once in a lifetime must do, if you consider yourself a real traveler: Hawaii. Of course not because of Houla Houla – to be honest, even after spending some weeks there, I have not seen anyone doing this – but because of it’s amazing nature. And to be fair and answer the most burning question: which island should I go: there is no valid answer to it.

Certainly, we would recommend you go to see the big island first, as it provides more possibilities. You have some great waterfalls, you have a volcano, you can swim with turtles and dolphins in free nature, and they have the Mauna Kea Observatory, which you should not miss. You will see the most stunning stary sky you can imagine. But be aware, even being there in summer, it is damn cold.

Kauai has the mini-„Grand Canyon“ to offer, and of course, the famous Na’Pali Coast. It is also called the garden island, it’s super green but, also a bit rainy as it has the tropical rainforest climate.

If you look for parties, you would probably consider going to Oahu, where the famous Waikiki beach is located and a lot of night action is going on. For surfing, probably Maui is your best choice. That does not mean that these islands do not provide beautiful nature. We are just trying to give an overview to help you decide. If you have to.

Do you have some additional advice about Hawaii? Let us know in the comment section below!

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