COVID-19 Corona virus

It goes around the world at the moment. We cannot see it. We cannot smell it. But it’s presence is everywhere. At least, it’s currently present and presented to our minds. And too many people are scared.

So as a matter of fact of the burning topic, we are dedicating our blog to the coronavirus this week. We did some serious research and present you with what seemed to be most important to us – how it affects you as travelers and how you can protect yourself.

If you have been traveling or simply being out in the last week, depending on where you were, you might have experienced some noticeable differences. So, for example, sneezing at an airport deserts the area around you. Many countries asked their citizens to stay at home. We experienced difficulties with buying groceries.

This does not apply to every country. Some areas are more relaxed, some tend to really panic. This is what we could find out to be the real deal and spread of the virus so far:

Source: 14.3.2020

But what can you do about it, does it mean you have to stop traveling? It is difficult to give an opinion on this. So if you are already traveling and you are in a not impacted area, why would you move? For the ones being in the crisis areas: the reason to stay away from travels at the moment is to not spread it any further, to protect old and weak ones around the globe. Therefore, please follow the instructions given in the country you are in. It’s temporary.

And we do recommend to take some precautions:
* Do you have to use masks? No. Actually they do not help or protect you against viruses, the only thing they can help is against the spread of the infectious liquid. Especially if you are the infected one.
* If asked so, stay home. If not, stay away from people that are seriously ill. Do not touch your face with your hands without having them washed properly. Do not eat without washing your hands – or to keep it simple –
* wash your hands. Not only once in a while, whenever you have a chance. Use warm water and soap. The coronavirus is not able to survive soap, so using it is not highly recommended, but makes you safe. There is no additional advantage of using disinfection, you might have some disinfection gel with you if the soap is not available.
* Sleep well and enough
* Eat healthy, lots of veggies, maybe basic. Drink enough, especially tea and water
* move. Get in motion, movement helps to protect your immune system
* And last but not least: what we know so far is, that the coronavirus’s mortality rate is 1-3%. This is not very high, so even if you get infected, it is unlikely for you to die if you are not in the risk group. Therefore what we recommend most: don’t be afraid. Fear triggers a hormonal reaction in the body, that weakens the immune system.

So do not panic. Do THINK!

Story of the old, wise man (by Johannes Zeibig)

The old, wise man lived outside the city in a small cottage. One day, he met the death, that was on his way to the town and asked him, what he is about to do. The death answered: “I am going to kill 100 people”. There he went. After two weeks, death passed the old man’s cottage again. The old man stopped him upset: “You said you only kill 100 people, now more than 10000 people are dead.” The death answered calmly: “I only killed 100 people. The others were killed by their own fear.” (story by J.Zeibig

Stay safe! Your Travelita team.

COVID-19 Corona virusSource:

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