What to (not) wear when traveling

Always… this is for sure the most burning question when going on travels: what should I wear. And unfortunately, there is no one simple answer to that. 
We have researched various pages and blogs and found a massive amount of tips. But some of them did not seem too up to date for us women, that are traveling in the year 2020 and forward. 
So we put together for you what we would suggest being thought about BEFORE you pack your bags:

  • Valuables: well, this is am evergreen. Do not bring jewelry or anything of high value on your travels, unless you need it for work reasons. And if you need to bring them, make sure you don’t wear them like presenting them to others. 
  • Purses, credit cards, cash: another evergreen: yes, you need money, and yes, you need to bring it. Just make sure you be careful about where you store it like your bag pocket is probably less save then some inside zippers of your jacket in front of your chest. Some people like to divide it also into different places, so if one is gone, you still would stick with some extra money. 
  • Highly touristy behavior: well, this is not so much about what to wear, but about how you appear and act in public spaces. Yes, you can take pictures. We just suggest you adapt a bit to cultural customs, so if people are mostly quiet, don’t make too much noise. Just try to adapt a bit. 
  • Talking about cultural customs: this is something we recommend taking a look into before you go on your trips. There are countries like India, where you shouldn’t walk around in hot pants or tank tops. If you choose a country like this, adapt to this habit. Even though there might not be any restrictions but recommendations, this is about your safety, especially as a woman traveling alone. Respect the tradition. 
  • Religion, politics, and beliefs, that always messed up the world: do not show them on your clothes. It might be seen as an insult, and you don’t want to upset the minds. 

Btw – our recommendation for easy packing: Compression bags. Having things separated makes your life so much easier:

Respecting these basic rules, you probably will not have any trouble with your trips. Enjoy them! 

Free your travels, be a Travelita! #travelita #iamatravelita

Talk to us: if you have any experience or suggestion, let us know in the comments below. 

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