La Habana, old but good

Old cars, Havana Club, the sound of Salsa and cigars, as far as the eye can see.

Well, not only these things. You can also see a pretty beautiful coastline, beaches as if they just came out of photoshop just a few kilometers out of town and – at least in the old town of Havana, a feeling like being in the heart of Spain. A rich Spain.

Going further on your trip, you will see that there is definitely another side of the coin. The massive lack of money in the population forces people to instead of renovate these beautiful buildings, invest in short time fun and let the houses collapse. You can withness this by just walking beside the sea on the malecón, which in the past used to be a sign of the magnificence of La Habana old town, as for now, you can imagine how it might have been. Once. Before that, all happened.

Do not misunderstand us: Cuba is definitely worth a visit. But – we this introduction might help you to understand the mentality of the people, they do not face far out into the future, they try to live the moment. So if ever you see them as being rude, or believe that they do have nothing else in mind then getting your money, they basically just think about little improvements to their current state of mind and being.

Take it easy. And forget about your watch. This mentality will help you to enjoy the amazing island of Cuba and the happy spirit of its inhabitants. 

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