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Traveling to a safe destination may force you to plan things, but probably you are good off if you are new to traveling and do not yet know about the unexpected to happen. Or, very commonly, if you are living in a safe place and have not yet traveled too far, you might not imagine the world to be dangerous at all.

So before you travel, especially on your own, you might consider to do some research – about the general situation of the chosen country and of course, about any possible health risks you will be exposed to.

Generally, before going into the two selected tools we want to present to you today, we would like to give some advice:

  • considering health, no matter where you travel to, consult tropical illness websites or doctors and get your information. It is an easy fix to protect yourself from the things that can be foreseen.
  • considering general safety, consult embassies, your countries foreign office or their webpage to inform yourself about the political situation of the country you are going to. The choice is yours, but at least, be prepared for what you are going to; and of course, cultural differences, religion, do’s and don’ts.

Today, we would like to present you two tools, that we found to be very practical if traveling alone. One for general safety, one for health.

  1. The life straw. Besides pharmaceutical products, that help you clean your water (you might need them in some destinations), you can easily use the life straw to clean just water and make drinking water out of it. We have heard about Travelitas using this tool in India to clear tube water into drinking water, we are not sure if we want to recommend this as we personally never tried it before; but we are sure that it works in any region where the water is not that awfully contaminated. Take a look here:
Life Straw with bottel
  1. Waterproof bags: these tools are awesome and lifesaving. They work as regular bags, so never mind if you are not using them to their real advantage which is: You can take them to the beach, and the will just protect your stuff from getting sandy, but – and here comes the advantage: take your valuables into the water, so you never have to ask that stranger to take a look on your things meanwhile you take a swim wondering if your stuff will still be there once you come out of the water.
Dry bags in different sizes

We hope that gave you some ideas how to protect yourself better in your next trips.

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