L’art de la bonne cuisine – French cooking in Paris

I know there is plenty of things to do in Paris, and you might not even think of getting bored. But, besides the Haute Couture, there is another thing France is famous for: the food. So what about bringing something special with you back to your home? What about not only bringing the recipe but being the cook, because you really know how to to it? 

If this is something that could be of interest, we highly recommend you go to visit Cook’n with Class and take your first french cooking class there. They have a variety of classes, we went to the French Market class for you and checked it out, so here is what you get: 

You meet with the chef close to a local market and this is where and how your cooking class starts: a visit at the boulangerie (bakery), the butcher, the fish shop, and of course, fresh veggies and fruits. The chef will explain everything: not only will you learn what is available, but also you will get to understand how to divide quality food from processed or low-quality offers. Then the fun starts: you decide, what you would like to cook, out of all the amazing things that you saw on the market. No worries, for the ones who are hard on taking decisions, the chef’s going to help with suggestions, according to your wishes. 

Next step: of course, preparing the meal. It will be 4 courses, wine accompanied. You will get an overview of how to prepare the meal, so all the ingredients are on the plates on time, and the desert is ready right after the 3rd course. There will be some tips and tricks from the chef, that help you facilitate your everyday’s kitchen unless it only contains opening a tin. 

It will be you who is preparing the meal, so don’t worry you will not remember after coming home, and the chef is guiding you through the process step by step. Until – you are ready to go, lunch (or dinner) is served. 

And you will enjoy all this high-class food that you cooked yourself. It looks like coming from a real gourmet, and it tastes exactly like this. One more thing… you can bring a friend to eat with you, even though they did not take the class. (additional costs)
So check out the very unique and special experience and try a Cook’n with class – class. You will enjoy it.

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