Traveling as an introvert

Travelita founder Tina is an introvert and obviously, she is traveling alone a lot, so when it comes to her travels, of course, there are some obstacles to face, we want to share. Maybe you find yourself in one or two things, or in ways more, and finally, understand and find a better solution.

As an introvert, you are perfectly good doing things on your own, you probably don’t miss out on people. In fact, crowded places are not what you prefer. Or let’s say it differently, there are a few hours in a day when it is ok. It is like going into a shopping mall, it is fun for a while, but sooner or later, you need to just leave. And shame on some sells stuff, that comes and tries to assist you. The same goes for traveling. There is a limited amount of time it is ok to spend in – sometimes also huge – crowds, but then one just needs some time off the mass. Probably you will not like to go to groups, or do sightseeing on a tour, as someone keeps continuously talking. Yes, introverts hate that. Also following, the simple act of following the herd is not what an introvert sees as a great win to this amazing time, moreover, it gives you overwhelm.

But don’t get it wrong. Introverts do have fun and do like to spend time with people. The right people. This is most people one can be silent around, that take care of unexpressed emotions. See, an introvert is deep, we can speak up, but if we don’t need to, if we are understood without words, that is what we prefer. And mostly, people we share time with are deep as well, sometimes without being conscious about it. It might just be their connection with their own feelings that we greatly appreciate, their way of kindness that is also expressed in silence. And their non-demanding energy. This kind of people, yes, we are about to travel with, relate with. These people we DO miss, if we see the most beautiful sunrise, and with these people, we want to share.

Also as an introvert, you might understand that you need some relax time – more then others do. And by saying relax time, we mean time away from the crowd. Honestly, Tina says if there is no other chance, she locks herself up in her room and spends the night alone lying on her bed. You have to understand that as an introvert, you recover alone, you best get your energy back alone or most likely, being with one person like mentioned above. Away from the crowd. With a book. Or a serial. Or music. In nature. Or in bed. Thinking. Being. As an introvert, you have to make sure you plan this time as well.

Enjoy you alone time you introverts out there and do never excuse yourself for the need of just your solitude. And find that friend!

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