Merry Christmas, everyone

You are traveling over Christmas and New Year’s Eve? Many of us are too, so we thought to bring up some thought about being alone on this family day.

If you are traveling over these dates, they might not be much of a family celebration as for others, so for you, it probably is just a day like every other, but one thing you should be aware of when traveling: for a lot of people, it’s not. Or let’s put it differently: if at home, they celebrate, so wherever place in the world you are, if the main religion of the region is Christianity, you will probably be kind of alone on the street and in certain places, do not even find any services opened up for you.

So especially for Christmas Eve, we do recommend you research well about the location where you are planning to go, to make sure you get what you want. Silence is probably easier then crowds and parties. And whether you found that party or not, we recommend that in any case, you look for a nice hotel, maybe including some food and some relax area. Christmas parties in our experience are not predictable, in case they are not going to work out, you will not end up alone.

Otherwise, a hostel might be a good place to stay, chances are high that people there celebrate alone too or want to spend time without celebration, and you can easily find people to match up and spend time.

So whatever you do, and whatever your plans are, wherever in the world you are! Wonderful Christmas time for you!

Best wishes from all of us!

Your Travelita Team

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