Travel hacks for solo travelers that no one ever told you (but you definitely need to know)

There is a lot of information around when it comes to traveling alone, but there is some stuff we think is super important, we have heard people talking about. An easy way to avoid fears when traveling alone. 

It is to avoid stress. You might now say, this is obvious, but we found that when traveling alone, there are actually more things to care about them the usual. For example, a lot of people (including some of us) start sensing a feeling of loneliness after a while of traveling alone. But also, we found out this is not a sign of being lonely, but of physical stress and overwhelm. Did you know, that traveling alone is more exhausting to your body, but extremely more exhausting to your mind? 

You have to take all the decisions on your own. Yes, this is exciting, but it starts getting a bit less fun once you are tired. And your mind has to still process all these new impressions, behaviors and so on, which will happen overnight, so more and more, you will get more stressed (inside). And you do it alone, so the “making sense” process is also just on you. Also, being alone, we tend to do ways more than when being in the company. You rest more, because one always gets tired, often, when traveling alone, we go over that feeling because there’s so much more to do and “we already set in that cafe alone twice”. 

So our unusual recommendation is:

include sufficient (more then you think initially) resting time into your plans

sit down once in a while over the day

stay hydrated (being alone, we tend to forget to drink enough) 


Enjoy your trip! Free your travels, be a Travelita! #travelita #iamatravelita

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