Plans and reality in traveling

I noticed that many people, once they are going on a trip, they expect everything to go perfect. Personally, I think this might happen, but it is very much unlike, and more unlikely, the further you go. Out of your culture, your people, and therefore, most of the time unexpectedly, your comfort zone. 

But this is nothing you should be worried about, in fact, it is one of the reasons traveling is so interesting. If you are prepared. But how do you prepare for the unexpected? 

Interestingly, living life a bit more intensive, it happens every day. So if you want to prepare yourself properly, do it at home. You are fighting some smalls everyday problems, perfect. Start on this. Are you back off talking to someone, because it feels uncomfortable? Go for it. You love someone but you are afraid of diving into your feelings? Take the first step. Every day one step. Try to leave a bit of your inside control behind you and head off into the land of the little scary things. Soon, you will find yourself having a life that is far away from boring, and you will be well prepared for whatever happens to you. Living your life to the fullest, just as it was meant to be. 

So what does that, in fact, mean for your travels? If you go on a holiday, you should not expect things to go smooth. Moreover, try to plan, but not too much and look forward to the unexpected to happen. You never know what life plans for you, and it might be ways better then what you originally have been thinking of. 

Free your travels, be a Travelita. #travelita #iamatravelita

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