Oslo – why not consider singing your Christmas carol there?


This is not a must, but we recommend you visit Oslo coming from Copenhagen with the ferryboat, which is a great opportunity to see the Oslo fjord in all its beauty. You might want to enjoy your breakfast meanwhile getting indulged in the landscape. In addition, if you plan to visit only for a day, you arrive early and are ready to go.

As being a woman, we recommend to consider the beautiful harbour of Oslo as being your first thing to discover. You might continue to walk to the Akershus festning, a huge medieval fortress, with an amazing view over the Oslo fjord and the harbour, where your eyes might be catched by a clock tower. Why we are mentioning this? Because it feels like being caught in your very own and personal fairy tale.

Walking by the Rådhus building, you finally arrive at the Christmas market, obviously THE attraction when visiting at Christmas time. You will find a lot of winter stuff to buy, traditional food to eat and a rink have your magic ice skating experience. One could have a Gløgg or Juløl and maybe then one would understand what the two Mooseheads, hanging there over the entrance, were talking about. 😉 Just kidding.


Our tip is to be aware of the cold temperatures, not only for warm clothes, but also consider bringing a physical map, yes the old ones made from paper. Mobile phones do not like the cold and swich off in order to save their batteries.

If you decide to stay longer, you might go for skiing in the famous Holmenkollen, or you go a bit further and go hiking at nature reserve Frognerseteren.

Have you ever been to Oslo? Tell us about your experience!

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