Interview: Marin Markuze


1.    Travelita: What was the specific incident that got you to this interview?

You invited me to do this interview, as you have noticed my lifestyle and saw how interviewing me can be a contribution to others, I guess. ☺

2.   Travelita:  What does traveling mean to you?

In the beginning, it was kind of running away from this reality.
At some point, I have realized that one cannot run from himself and that HOME is in the heart.
This changed my traveling from escaping this reality to creating a different reality.  
Today it is about the deeper exploration of what else is possible in my life and the world. 
It is more about BEING the space of allowance of change, of possibilities and more free choice.  

3.  Travelita:  Why is this important?

What if nothing is important? ☺
Travelling taught me that too. If nothing is important, I can be totally free to choose every moment that works better for me at that particular moment. 
Traveling taught me that everything changes all the time. The Earth is changing, so are we. 
When we don’t try to hold on to anything, be it a place, a person or an idea, all doors are opened for us and everything becomes possible. 


4.    Travelita: How are you implementing this to your travels? Is there a process that you are following?

I ask questions. Questions always expand our reality. Answers and conclusions limit it. 
A question could be something like:

–    Where and when can I be to be the best contribution I can be to my life, to others and the future of our beloved Planet?
–    Who am I today and what grand and glorious adventures are waiting for me?
–    Who are the magical people I will meet and what can we create together?
–    How much fun will it be? 
And then I follow the energy. I choose whatever feels nice and sweet in my body and makes my heart smile and expand.

When I stopped running away (especially from myself) and began to explore the infinite possibilities there are, I asked: “Where can I be to be as alone as I can be, so I can get to know me?” And this amazing Greek island showed up. I got there in April and was almost by myself. 
I stayed there for 3 months and eventually met so many amazing people, who were such a contribution to major changes in my life.

Another time I didn’t feel like winter. So I asked: “Universe, where would you like me to be this winter, where it is hot and sunny and I can enjoy beautiful beaches and also be useful to others and to get paid for it?” 
Literally 2 hours later I finally received an email from a lady that I contacted weeks before, inviting me to come and give sessions and to teach my classes in her resort in Goa, India.

5.   Traveling: What if people took advantage of your tips and steps, what will happen, how will their travels change?

I usually don’t tend to do much of assuming… ☺
Well… I guess, the more you ask open questions and you follow the energy and choose what feels nice and easy for you, you learn more and more that Universe got your back. You get this sense of trust, knowing that the Earth will always take care of you. You learn to receive the gifts that are always there for you. Traveling becomes more spontaneous, you become freer, more doors open for you and you are constantly amazed by all the beautiful surprises showing up.

6.1-6.2  Travelita: When did you start traveling? Do you remember how you felt when you traveled alone for the first time?

The first flight I took by myself was when I was 19. Although I just went to Canada to visit my childhood friend from Latvia, I can remember that sense of excitement and freedom. I have realized that when I am in a new place with people that I’ve just met, I am free to be whoever and whatever I choose. I can play. No one knows who I am and no one has any points of view about who I am supposed to be.


6.3  Travelita: How do you or do you deal with fears?

This is a great question. About 7 years ago, I found myself in Brazil surrounded by people who were talking a lot about black magic and darkness. I was trying my best to explain to them that darkness does not exist, that it is only in their minds. But it was so real and true in their reality, that after staying with them for about a month, I asked: “What is this darkness they are talking about?” 
Looking back, I can see how Universe answered: “Come, my child, I will show you…” 
I went through 6 months of an exploration of darkness afterword. I can write a whole book about all the crazy adventures I went through. Maybe one day I will ☺. 
At the end of this period, I received what I consider today as one of the most useful teachings in my life. I learned that DARKNESS ONLY WINS WHEN WE ARE AFRAID OF IT. 
This practically saved me from a very weird situation I found myself in then in Peru. And I just keep remembering it and practicing it every time fear shows up. 

6.4 Travelita: Is there a place that you would definitely not recommend for women on their own?

I cannot really think of such a place now. I guess if a woman follows her intuition, she will always be safe.

6.5 Travelita: Do you still have this excitement when you go on a trip?

Well, I have visited more than 35 countries by now and I have created a business that traveling is a big part of it. And yes. Maybe a bit less than 22 years ago, I am still very much excited every time I enter Airport gates with my suitcases rolling by my sides. Every day is a new adventure, a new creation of something completely new, wherever we are.

6.6 Travelita: What are your top 5 destinations and why?

WOW, that’s a hard one… It changes too. As for today…

I love Greece a lot. I have visited Greece about 10 times already and it seems like wherever you go in Greece, whether it is the mainland or the islands, it is incredibly beautiful everywhere! And the people are super nice, smiling and welcoming, always make you feel at home.

Iceland is absolutely magical. I read a fantasy book many years ago, in which a place with the green sky was described. Well, surprisingly, I saw the green sky in Reykjavik. And it was in daylight! The sunrises and sunsets were always pink. Not orange or red, really pink! Nature is breathtaking, the food is creative and the people… well… magical! I was lucky enough to make friends with an amazing woman, who invited me to women’s night at one very talented artist’s house, where I met a group of absolutely incredible women. Felt like about 15 hearts speaking, laughing, crying and dancing together.

I will never forget the sunsets of Tierra del Fuego in Argentina, the lakes and the nature around them in Chile. The North of Chile, San Pedro de Atacama area, with Valle del Muerte, that looks like Mars but was accidentally called Valley of Death instead of Valley of Mars, because of a funny linguistic distortion. The energy there is very different and flowers grow to enormous size, I’ve never seen anywhere before. Well, all of South and Central America’s nature is fantastic! You can almost see the Inka and even more exciting, the pre-Inka people walking the mountains around Macchu Picchu in Peru. Bolivia, Ecuador, Costa Rica…  Just choose one and start moving.

India, especially Rajasthan’s ancient forts, the Himalayas, Nepal’s culture, Thailand indulging beaches, and hospitality. I can’t choose 5 favorites, sorry…

Lately, I have fallen in love with a fairytale called Uzbekistan. I am here now for the second time. 
It feels like 1001 nights. The architecture is breathtaking and the hospitality in this country takes a completely different level. I met one of the most special women here, who is an infinite contribution to the culture of this country and she also gives very special tours around sacred places and places of great power. People who participate in her tours say they go home different than they came. She is like an encyclopedia of history and culture, but mostly she is a big walking talking heart. 


6.7  Traveltia:  Funniest story that happened to you while traveling?

One of the funniest stories happened in a 15 hours trip on a sleepers bus in India. 
It was above 40°C outside and although I had a bed to make myself comfortable during this journey, there was no air-conditioning on that bus. So most of the ride I had my head outside the window. Hot dusty wind in my face was better than no wind. 
At some point, a guy from the cabin in front of mine, took out his hand emptying a plastic bottle of water. 
I enjoyed these 30 seconds of drops refreshing my face so much!
Only about 15 hours later, after we finally found one last room in a guesthouse in Rishikesh, that 5 of us had to share for a night, because it was fully booked… the girlfriend of the guy, who kindly refreshed my ride, told me how she cannot hold when she needs to pee and she was using a plastic bottle, which her boyfriend was emptying through the window. 
I was very grateful she told me about it after I already had a shower…

7.    Travelita: What do you want people to do?
Follow your heart’s true desires. 
The same girl from the story above became my very close friend. The very bright young woman. We kept in touch. 
One day I was having a conversation with her over the phone, telling her about a weird situation I was in. She asked me to close my eyes and answer her question without thinking about it. 
She asked: “What do you truly desire?”
I said: “I want to travel.” 
Then she simply said: “If you want to travel, go ahead, travel!”

And so I did. I left my fancy job, my husband, my house, sold my car, gave away my 70 pairs of shoes, bought a new backpack and started one of the biggest journeys of my life. I took my first trip to meet me. The real me.


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