Travelita – what’s next for you?

Hi again, we are Travelita, and as you already know – we connect to you the locals.

Why? To make your own travels and travels of other women as easy and as enjoyable as possible. Connect with the locals and enjoy having friends, having guidance and having all the information that you need for you to enjoy your trip at a maximum, wherever you want to go.

Our network is safe! All members need to do an ID check in order to join the community to make sure the person exists and is a woman.

We have tips and tricks for you in our blog, and we offer you special rates and deals on selected items.

And last but not least – drumroll please:

We are step by step including programs for you as Travelitas to become the best version of you, the freest version of you, to become everything you ever dreamed of, and way more.

Travelita’s outlook:

We did install our first group that will help you to deal with:

  • all your questions about traveling
  • share everything you think is worth sharing with the community
  • get help
  • get recommendations
  • share your fears, find people who support you
  • and much more

Join our group right away:

Talk to us. What topic are you interested in? We will look for experts to get you going!

Free your travels, be a Travelita! #travelita #iamatravelita

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