The most famous Austrian little town


Back to the roots… Travelita is from Austria, and this week, we present you one of the most famous regions of our small country, well known and rebuild by the Chinese: HALLSTATT

Imagine you could turn back the time, to the ancient times here in Austria. Long time ago. Wooden houses, small roads, you do not go there by car, they did not exist. You walk. Can you? And then, place this in location next to a beautiful lake, into a landscape of huge mountains. Still with me? Then you arrived. In the small village of Hallstatt.

We don’t lie – it is touristic. But nevertheless, you will be able to get a sense of what life could have looked like in ancient times. You enjoy amazing views and lovely flower decorations.

But that is not all. As mentioned, the little town is surrounded by mountains, that have amazing attractions for you:

–    the Hallstatt Salt mine

–    the Hallstatt world heritage view skywalk

–    the Giant Ice Cave

–    the Mammoth Cave

–    the Koppenbrüller Cave

And – the region is – like all Austria – completely safe! So do not hesitate, visit Hallstatt and enjoy an amazing and different holiday! 


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