What is Travelita?

May I introduce you to Travelita? 

Travelita – Make the world your home! 

Travelita is a worldwide platform that connects women to facilitate travels.

How would you feel like, if you travel to an unknown place, yet knowing you will have friends there? Friends, that will help you finding the right places and people to travel to and with, help find your activities, share the do’s and don’ts and everything you might want to know about your desired destination. All this information will be provided to you from women that live right there on the spot! 

We think, this would make the travel experience priceless, even before it starts. Why? Because you connect to locals, and they simply know. Noone from outside could ever provide more valid and valuable information then a local, so why not go ask them? And to be honest – how do you get to know a place better then simply by following the instructions of a local instead of a tourguide? A person simply living there, not involved in tourism. This will show you the real place, the real life, just what you probably would not see if you just visit as a tourist. And who knows, maybe this is not only going to be your source for priceless information, maybe this will create lifelong friendships far across the borders of maps and imagination! For sure, it will create safety and freedom for females exploring the world on their own. Wouldn’t that make a huge impact on women’s travel in general? And wouldn’t this be able to create a movement for women that generates freedom, self esteem, self-conficence, and an individual, self-determined life?

Do you like it so far? Are you ready to join this movement to make an impact on your own and and soon impact women’s travel experience worldwide? Because now is YOUR TIME, and you CAN! YOU ARE IMPORTANT! YOU are unique, and you are the one who can make a change! 

Please support us to grow this community and movement as fast as possible for your own and every woman’s benefit. Share Travelita with your friends, family and community, everybody you think this might benefit. The more widespread we are, the more freedom we have. We will soon be heading into a Crowdfunding Campaign to set up the platform. As ur

a founding member, you will receive all the latest information up to date and be informed FIRST. And – we would like to remove any burden from your shoulders: Don’t worry about hidden costs. Our membership will be less then 15 Euros a year!


This is acutally the question, that we have been asked most. Why, what is behind Travelita, how did this idea come into life? (video: Facebook live, March 2019)

Ok, this is the story of Tina, the Founder of Travelita. In winter 2019, she was on a holiday break in India, to be exact, in Jaisalmer, the Thar desert. There were some happenings, and she ended up being there alone, but as having been traveling on her own almost for 20 years, she did not worry at all. She booked an overnight in the desert and ended up unintentionally having an indian man in her bed, whom she talked out of doing what he wanted to do and thankfully she succeded. This is how Travelita was born. Tina thought by herself: „If I could do something to prevent this to happen to any other woman in this world“, and that is the foundation of Travelita. Connecting women, so this would never happen to anyone, anywhere ever again. 

But that is not all, just a few weeks later, Tina found herself on a trip to Amsterdam, where she was attending a seminar. She heard that it would be a great location to dance her favorite dance – Kizomba – but ended up not finding even one spot where they would do so. So she thought: “Travelita does not necessarily need to be only for safety, it can also be for fun. If I would know a local woman from Amsterdam, that loves Kizomba the way I do, she would definitely be able to recommend me a place to go, as she has all the connections.” 

So here we are with Travelita: we want to connect women to make travel fun, free, safe and make all traveling women to feel at home, wherever you are. Never need to worry again that you will not find what you want, whereever you might go, unless it definitely does not exist. But here, the future perspective kicks in… 

How to

This is very simple. In order to create a safe platform, we need to have an obligational ID check before we can unlock your profile. We need to make sure you exist and you are a woman indeed, as this network is for women only. So please understand that in order to be a Travelita, this is not negotiable.

But don’t be afraid, we will not give your data to anyone else. Our ID check will be done confidentially by a workstuff member of Travelita, it will be a manual check and not by computers, so it’s not hackable. Women who check your personal details are cleared by police records and will not harm any data regulations. As this is one of our main occupations – that you can feel safe.

From there it will be an easy ride. You will receive your personal profile and complete the information as detailed as possible. Information about target destination will not be provided by Travelita, but by you, the locals. You can share about your city/country whatever you feel like sharing, anything you feel  would be of interest. Be detailed. People who come to see did not live there, they might want to know more and do not think it is boring.

You have the opportunity to make a choice what you are willing to offer. You can host someone, take them for a walk or simply answer some questions, whatever feels comfortable to you.

That’s it, you’re set and ready to go.

Search for destination, activity or whatever you would like to experience on your trip – and reach out to one of our fantastic Travelitas and get the support you want!

Oh, and there is more: Some of you will have the chance to present their cities and countries on podcasts or videos, if you plan on offering services or feel like this could be an advantage for you. Contact us for details. 

Future perspective

WE WANT YOU ALL! This is why we came with a solution for everybody. There will be a reward button below each and every profile, once you communicated with someone else, they are invited to reward the advice you gave them with a 3 Euro gift. This might not seem a lot to first world countries, but ladies, this is not for you. For us, being from the 1st world, it is just a gesture of gratefulness. But the thought behind was for all of you, who might not be able to travel once in your life, coming from a 3rd world country. We at Travelitas want to make women free, and that includes you all, we want you to have a better life. It is not self-evidence you are part of this community, but we need you more then anyone else. To live a better life, no matter where you come from. We want to encourage you to live your dreams, to empower you to open up to your own way, your own business and grow it with the help and energy of all of you fantastic women worldwide. 

Let’s create a movement and make this a better world for us women, and in the end, a better world for as all, where we can stand strong and look into each others eyes – women and men – being equal. That is our wish.

Free your travels, be a Travelita! #travelita #iamatravelita


…sometimes the bad experiences can trigger the very best in you! Jaisalmer – Thar desert 2019

STAY TUNED FOR NEXT WEEK – VIENNA is coming up for you! 

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