We made a mistake! We were on the road to give you our ideas, our content, but this is not what Travelita is about. We want to connect women, to interact, to share, build a network to make them stronger to stand up and realize their dreams of traveling alone, or ways more than that.

So from now on, we keep touching our roots. We want YOU to be in touch with us, we want to hear from you, we want to talk to you!! We still will present you our safest cities and destinations for women solo traveler, but we do not want to provide all the information for you, moreover, we WANT YOU TO SHARE your experiences, your stories, your pictures! You know someone living there, right on the spot? INVITE THEM; they know better then anyone of us ever will! This is your world, your living space, the world apart from tourism that we all like to dive in and discover, even when doing real traveling.

Would you help us by sharing us in your community and ask your tribe to interact, to share as being locals, with all the Travelita’s from all over the world – stories about their home towns? 

WE NEED YOU to realize the dream of creating an amazing way to make travels, solotravels and women in general stronger. We would love to get your ideas out into the world, collaborate with you to make us all successful and women not the same, but equal (not against men, but in harmony with them) in that sense that at some point, we can stand there looking into each others eyes worldwide!!! and appreciate the differences instead of making one small and the other one big. 

We hope you love our idea and support us!

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