SOS Amazon


You will have an amazing connection – but you will probably not be able to check your Facebook. I am not talking about China, but about the Amazon and its amazing Rainforest. 

If you are there, you will just be. No time, no stress, nothing that will keep you from being in the present moment, except for yourself. If you let it happen. Which we consider a loss…

There is so much to experience:

  • the smell (yes, it’s pure nature, this is how it smells)
  • the noises (especially at night, wildlife can get pretty loud)
  • the excitement (it can be dangerous. If you ever consider to take a bath in the Amazon river, do NOT consider peeing. There is a fish that will swim into your urethra and end up in your bladder and get stuck there!)
  • the beauty (if the forest is not enough, consider a boat ride to see Victoria Amazonica)
  • the sweet (let’s only ask – have you ever caressed a sloth? Too cute)

Not to mention that the Amazon rainforest is one of the most important ecosystems on our planet that is producing about 20% of the world’s oxygen (source: CNN). And it’s currently burning massively.

So which connection are you willing to save first?

#safeourplanet #safetheamazon 

Travelita cares! And here are some thoughts about what YOU can do, no matter about where you are on this earth: 

Stay tuned at Travelita’s Facebook page, we will provide more, different and probably unknown ways to help over the next week!


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