Singapore – super safety for solo travelers with pretty unusual rules


Singapore – the rich economic malaysian metropole is one of the safest cities in the world. Take a look at Marina Bay Sands, where technology meets nature, go to Chinatown and visit Sri Mariamman Temple, which is considered to be the symbol of the city; discover the colonial district and Sentosa Island. And certainly try the local cuisine. For the best overview of Singapore’s skyline, you might want to go to the Singapore Flyer. (Pic above by Mike Enerio, Unsplash)

Some insider tips for the ladies: 

– visit Little India and learn how to tie a sari

– you want the perfect spot for your instagram selfies? The National Orchid Garden is your spot. (within the Singapore Botanic Gardens) 

Before going there, you might want to know that in Singapore, the rules are a bit different compared to the rest of the world. Do NOT try these things:

– use a foreign WIFI

– be naked at home

– forget to flush the toilette

– use pornography or obscene language

– spit in public

– fly a kite

– carry bubble gum

– drop your trash (except for in a trash can)

This is just an experpt of Singapore’s strict rules. Don’t risk breaking them, as 

punishments are really excessive.


Pic by Coleen Rivas, Unsplash

Other than what has been mentioned above, Singapore is beautiful, clean and safe, therefore; an ideal city to travel for you as a solo female! You will be impressed to dive into a completely different world that will leave you with eyes and breathless with mouth wide open.

And especially for the ladies – it’s a shoppers paradise 😉 

Share your Singapore with us! 

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