Jet leg, sleeping troubles in your life? We have your solution!


I never ever did any promotion for anything in my whole life, and I honestly did never want to start on doing so. And I want to be completely honest with you – when I was asked to do it, I rejected. They were ok with this, just gave me their products to try.

So the next step was – having the product lying around without even being touched for a while, just because of my inner resistance. But finally, circumstances made me take a look and give it a try. And I am amazed!

So if you ever suffered from Jet legs or sleeping troubles, we recommend „Anti Jetleg“ and/or „Sleep“ from Braineffect. No chemicals, just natural ingredients.

You want to give it a try? You as a Travelita will get 10% discount on your order ANYTIME you are using this link for placing your order and entering the %Code TRAVELITA10 :


And you might take another look at their other products. For example, we consider the Kickbar as a really good alternative to take on your trips, as it is a low carb bar, which means it does not make your body store water. This will help your legs on long distance flights/rides where you are forced to sit a lot.

Free your travels, be a Travelita! #travelita #iamatravelita


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