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Yes we get it. Traveling could be so easy if – there would not be so many luggage regulations. We read a lot of questions about and we would like to answer the most frequent ones:

*Unfortunately, as most of us already know, there is no normed carry on luggage being the same for all Airlines, so the only thing you can do is check on the Airline’s website. Btw – IF you come with different luggage or overweight, this is up to the Airlines discretion and regrettably not predictable. We all sometimes have good and bad days…

*High heels/Stilettos in hand luggage: Yes you can!

*Razor: disposable razor yes, straight razor no.

*Lighter: ONLY in carry on luggage, prohibited in checked

*Batteries: ONLY in carry on luggage, prohibited in checked

*Toiletries, make up & CO: Regulations same as for liquids in general, they have to be less then 100 ml (3.4. ounces) and must fit into 1 L clear zip top bag.

*Nail file: yes, but make sure you do not pack the biggest and sharpest one, as in the end, the final decision is made by a human.

*Food: As long as it fits the liquid regulations, you are fine. Yogurt, for example counts as liquid and therefore, has to be less then 100 ml (3.4 ounces) and fit into that 1 L clear bag.

*Drugs: for personal use (includes prescription medications)

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