INTERVIEW – the fantastic Michela Fantinel from ROCKY TRAVEL BLOG “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

This is the quote that you can find on Michelas Blog, discribing her way out of the regular hamster wheel routine into her new life – as a traveler, as a blogger as an expert for Australia and Italy for solo travels for women. In 2004, she quit her job, packed her backpack and went “down under”, which was the best joice of her life she says, reviewing it backwards. 


So this week, we will follow up on the amazing Michela, we will learn about her trips, her travel strategies, about what she thinks of “doing the routine” in traveling, of course, about her expert destinations, her expert tips and what she learned in over more then 20 years of solo traveling; and last but not least about the person behind it: the very experienced, wise and funny Michela Fantinel! 

Get the first impression of her interview here on 

and stay tuned for the next episode – coming up tomorrow! 

For more info check out Michelas blog:

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