Interview Monica Stott – The travel Hack


Travelita:  Okay, Monica, what was the specific incident that got you to this interview?

Monica: You emailed me and asked if I would mind answering some emails so here I am!

Travelita: What has earned you the right to be an authority on this topic?

Monica: I’ve been travelling and blogging for 10 years and while I have gained a lot of experience, I still feel like I have so much to see and so much to learn!

Travelita: What is your brand, your topic exactly about?

Monica: I mostly blog about travel tips and hacks and I share ways to make travelling easier, more affordable and more accessible to more people. I also blog about weekend breaks to show how much you can see in a short space of time.

Travelita: Why is it important?

 Monica: Travel trends are changing and more people travel for shorter periods of time. Gone are the days where we took one two-week holiday a year and many people prefer to spread out their holidays and have multiple short breaks each year. I like to show people that they can squeeze a lot into a short break.

Travelita: Now that we know what it is, now that we know why it’s important and relevant, how are you implementing this on your travels? Meaning like, is there a process, that you follow when traveling?

Monica: I do a lot of research before I travel so I know exactly what I’d like to do. This means I don’t waste time and can really make the most of each trip.

Travelita: What if people took advantage of your tips and steps you are providing? What will happen, how will their travels change?

Monica: Hopefully, they’d get more out of every trip. They’d see more and do more without feeling rushed during their holiday because they’d simply be more organised.

Travelita: Now we would like to get just some general information about you and your travels:

Travelita: When did you start traveling?

Monica: 2009 – I’d just finished university and I took a 2 year backpacking trip with my boyfriend through Asia and Australia

Travelita: Do you remember how you felt when you traveled alone for the first time?

Monica: My first solo trip was a work trip and I’d been travelling a lot for 6-7 years at this point so I wasn’t nervous. And it’s always different when it’s work. I didn’t like eating dinner alone but it gets easier and I always make sure I have a busy itinerary so I’m never bored or lonely.


Travelita: How did you, or do you deal with fears?

Monica: I keep so busy I don’t have time to think about them!

Travelita: Is there a place where you have been and you would definitely not recommend it for women on their own and why?


Monica: No, not at all. Every country in the world has women so it’s fine to travel everywhere! Obviously you have to be more careful in some places and use your common sense – such as not walking around quiet streets alone after dark. But I lived in London for a few years and you have to employ this same common sense there too!

Travelita: Do you still have this excitement, when you go for a trip?

Monica: Yes always! If I don’t feel excited then I make an effort to slow down with my travelling because I know I’m doing too much.

Travelita: What are your top 5 destinations and why?

Monica: 1. Wales – it’s my home country and I love it

2. Montenegro – I’ve just come back and I loved it, it’s still a hidden gem so I recommend going soon!

3. Iceland – So rugged and unspoiled and magical

4. Australia – Because I have such happy memories of driving around the coast in a campervan

5. Menorca – I grew up taking family holidays to Menorca and went back recently with my own family and it’s just as lovely as I remembered!

Travelita. CTA – what do you want people to do?

Monica: Take more weekend breaks and be more adventurous with their destinations!


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