How to save money and travel the world


We get it! The first thoughts when you think “I want to travel the world” are, ‘I don’t have money.“ or, “I don’t have time.”  Or both. (Pic above by Christine Roy, Unsplash)

We admit, dealing with these thoughts might be challenging. But believe; it is not impossible. We are sure there are more creative or just practical ways to deal with this.

So how can you deal with the time and money problem?

–       compare, compare, compare: airline fares, accommodation prices, different platforms and days.

–       we are not sure about this pattern, but just in case, try different WIFI connections and computers, and don’t check on more than 2 days in a row

–       be early (to seek information): a good thing is to check fares in high season and off-season, long before you go on that trip. Once you are ready to book, you already have a valid high and low price range; therefore you’ll know if the price that is shown is a good one

–       try calling the accommodations directly, as they will give you better rates

–       be flexible on dates (as much as you can) and consider weekdays for your flight

–       join Travelita and connect to the locals (they will offer you information, maybe spend a day with you or choose to let you stay overnight)

–       try local cuisine, though not necessarily tourist spots; and maybe try street food

–       do not go out for food all the time, as bakeries have nice breakfasts and are way cheaper

–       get a credit card that includes travel insurance

–       try public transportation (do not auto-stop)

–       walk. You will see more, experience more, and save money

–       do the high/low price deal. Maybe you must not have a 5-star hotel every day, but you can have it once in a while to not miss out completely

–       you might take an overnight to shave off one night and sleep during flight transportation

–       join Travelita; get our special offers 

–       stay tuned; we have more coming up for you (check our next info blog)


Pic by Nathan Dumlao, Unsplash

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